Why I Visited The Great Sam Po Kong Temple?

Have you ever Into China? Not that, I would invite you to China but the only nuance Only. Because In Indonesia there is also a nuanced China. The name is Sam Po Kong

Okay, I will visit and be explaining that. Stay with me in Perjalanan imi.

History of the Great Shrine Sam Poo Kong Semarang 
An Admiral Zheng He (Cheng Ho) was born with the name San Bao Ma. That is why the temple/place meditated or petilasan (Indonesia; red) to Zheng He used the name Sam Poo Kong. In the Hokkien dialect, Sam Poo Kong or San Bao Dong (Mandarin) means the cave, San Bao. The origin of the Supreme Sam Poo Kong temple is when the fleet of Zheng He discovered off Simongan - Semarang because as helmsman, Wang Jing Hong ill. A stone cave used as a place to rest and treat Wang Zheng He, Jing Hong. While helmsman heals themselves, Zheng He went on a cruise to the East to complete the mission of peace and trade ceramics and spices.

Over at Simongan, Wang led his men working the land, build a house and hang out with the locals. The neighborhood around the cave so to grow and prosper for commercial or agricultural activity. Out of respect for his leadership, Wang Zheng He erected a statue in the rock cavern to be honored and remembered for their surrounding communities. This is the origin of the construction of Sam Poo Kong temple in Semarang.Wang died at the age of 87 and is buried nearby. Since then people refer to it as the Tomb of Kyai Juru Mudi. When the rock cave collapsed in a landslide, the community building artificial cave adjacent to the Tomb of Kyai Juru Mudi.

Along the way, the Supreme Sam Poo Kong temple has several times undergone restoration. In addition to its uncertain political situation after the independence, flooding is a major problem facing the Supreme Sam Poo Kong temple. Massive revitalization undertook by the Foundation Sam Poo Kong in January 2002. The restoration was completed in August 2005, in conjunction with the celebration of 600 years of the arrival of Admiral Zheng He in Java. The inauguration was attended by the Minister of Trade of Indonesia - Mari Elka Pangestu came to the Supreme Sam Poo Kong temple and the Governor of Central Java - H. Mardiyanto. http://sampookong.co.id/about/
Sacred place in Sam Po Kong
Sacred Place at Sam Po Kong
Sam Po Kong is worship place, make a devotional visit to a sacred place and of course the popular tourism place. The local society says Gedung Batu. The location of Sam Po Kong in Semarang City, Central Java. Sam Po Kong area has a Big Pagoda, Sam Po Kong Cave, Tho Tee Kong Pagoda and four devotee place (Kyai Juru Mudi, Kyai Jangkar, Kyai Cundrik Bumi and Mbah Kyai Tumpeng).

An Admiral Zheng He / Cheng Ho is Islamite. The signs that show as a former meditated or petilasan (Indonesia; red), characterized by the discovery of Islam text read “ Let’s a moment of silence to listen to the recitation of the Qur’an”.

He died during the fleet’s last voyage in 1435, although he has a tomb in China, it is empty. He was buried at sea, but some historian believed that probably was buried in Semarang.

Until now, Sam Po Kong is an inheritance from the past time as tourism place and it’s still used for religious activities. I suggest you keep manners and politeness in this area because Sam Po Kong is worship place. The area of Sam Po Kong around 1 hectare. 

All right, that is information about Sam Po Kong and the histories. In this section, I will tell you about my journey to Sam Po Kong. I’m not an alone visit to there, of course with my friend; Roi. 

December 9th, 2013
As a student in university, I have many activities in class or outdoor. So, I stay in Semarang at boarding house and my roommate, the name is Roi. When I was laying in my bedroom, Roi come to me and he talking about the task by a lecture and then he invites me for visit Sam Po Kong. I very confused what he mean? Then, I asking Roi.

Me: What the relationship between a task from your lecture and invite me to visit Sam Po Kong

Roi: okay, I will explain this matter. So, I’ve followed a study about Photographic courses in my major and the lecture gives me a task to take pictures in Sam Po Kong Pagoda. After that, the result of the picture or photo is given to my lecture.

Me: oh.. I see. When will you go there?

Roi: for now. But the first I will borrow a camera from my friend. Don’t go anywhere for the minutes, I will come back to here.

Me: okay, I am still here.
(after few minutes)
Roi: I get a camera from my friend, bro. Let’s go to Sam Po Kong Pagoda.

Me: all right, Let’s move. 

After that, we must prepare what we’ll bring to there. We need time about 30 minutes from boarding house to Sam Po Kong. Ticket in Sam Po Kong just 3.000,00 IDR for local tourist and 15.000,00 IDR for abroad tourist, very achievable, right. 

This is my first-time visit to Sam Po Kong. It’s very amazing view, I like in China and the architecture of building so fantastic. An acculturation among China, Java, Budha/Kong Hu Cu/Tao and Islam culture. 

For me, Sam Po Kong is the most beautiful place nuanced of China in Indonesia. If you not believed to me, let’s visit Sam Po Kong and tested of China architecture. This is the biggest place nuanced of China in Indonesia.
I and Roi go around in this place. Don’t forget to take a picture and look for the best angle to great result photos. The visitor in this area is quite deserted because the day is Monday, so very different if you visit on weekend. Facilities at Sam Po Kong is complete such as toilet, parking lot, food stalls, rest area etc.
For your information, the majority of the building is red color because the Admiral Zheng He from China and this is a symbol of culture from there. Actually, I’m very excited with Admiral Zheng He / Cheng Ho voyager and that struggle. I so enjoy in this area because I know about the history of Admiral Zheng He / Cheng Ho. 
Sam Po Kong
Statue of Admiral Cheng He or Cheng He
I and Roi take a rest for the moment, the heater in this place so pretty hot. I say that Sam Po Kong has rest area and we find a good place to sit down like in under a tree. 

Sam Po Kong area has a statue of Cheng He, high of 10,7 meters. The giant gate enhances a condition feel like in China. After finish enjoys area Sam Po Kong, we back to boarding house with a story about an Admiral Zheng He / Cheng Ho history by visiting Sam Po Kong. Also, a task result of Photographic. hehe

Added Information:
Address: Sam Po Kong - Simongan st. No. 129 Semarang City, Central Java.
Operational Hours: 08.00 AM – 08.00 PM (Open all year round).
Public Area
Praying Are
IDR 5.000
IDR 20.000
IDR 10.000
IDR 30.000
IDR 3.000
Every 28th Lak Gwee, China date. Sam Po Kong will be organized parade or ritual to the memorial of Admiral Zheng He. 
Visit other story on Here..

The great photo's at Sam Po Kong
Sam Po Kong
Area Sam Po Kong
Sam Po Kong
Inside Area Sam Po Kong
Sam Po Kong
Inside Area Sam Po Kong
Sam Po Kong
Inside Area Sam Po Kong

Sam Po Kong
Inside Area Sam Po Kong
Sam Po Kong
Inside Area Sam Po Kong
Sam Po Kong
The Gate of Sam Po Kong
Sam Po Kong
Sam Po Kong
Photographer by Roi Dwi Yudho (Roi)
Author by Azmi Zulhilmi (imi)

See you on the next adventures and thank you for reading...
Because there are a lot of inspiration deserted....
Good Everlasting...

Imi and Roi

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